Police Briefs 11-19-2014


Salem Saves Animals organization delivered flowers on Tuesday to the spot where two puppies were dumped in a trash bag on the Parkway last Sunday, and offered a $1,000 reward for anyone with information that leads to the prosecution of those responsible.

Revere Police are investigating the death of two puppies found in a trash bag behind Sunoco gas station located at 1781 North Shore Rd. on Sunday.

The Police were notified by a landscaper of the trash bag  when he returned to the rear of Sunoco on Saturday evening to pick up some bags of leaves he left there the previous day.

Police are asking for the public’s help with any information. The puppies both have cropped tails. The Animal Rescue League responded and obtained the puppies for further investigation. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Revere Police at 781-656-1114.


The new ShotSpotter gunshot detection system registered two hits last Thursday night in back-to-back incidents.

Police are gathering information on both incidents.

The first was detected on Mountain Avenue at 8:54 p.m. Police responded and did not find any immediate evidence of gunplay, but continue the investigation.

Meanwhile, one minute later, another hit materialized on Pleasant and Hyde Streets.

Officers responded there and did develop some information.

“From initial reports, they’ve come up with some follow-up evidence on Hyde Street and Pleasant Street for the detectives to pursue,” said Lt. Amy O’Hara.


A Proctor Avenue man got arrested last Friday night for drinking and driving after getting in an accident and leaving his bumper – which included the license plate – behind.

Around 7 p.m. a car plowed into another car at Winthrop Avenue and Bennington Street in Beachmont. The driver, however, fled the scene. He forgot to take his bumper with him, and police were able to use the attached license plate to send out a radio call for the man.

Another report came in of him plowing into a second car, and shortly after that State Police were able to stop him.

Edilberto Guerra Jaramillo, 37, of 163 Proctor Ave., was charged with operating under the influence and two counts of leaving the scene of an accident.


Revere Police are investigating the robbery of the Sunoco gas station on North Shore Road last Monday, Nov. 17.

Around 7:40 a.m. a white male in a dark hooded sweatshirt entered the store and tried to come around the counter and open the cash drawer. When he was unsuccessful, he ordered the clerk to open it.

The clerk obliged.

The man grabbed a wad of cash and fled on foot.

Police searched the area, but found nothing.

Detectives are analyzing surveillance video footage.


One alert officer working a detail was able to thwart a well-known robber last Friday morning.

Around 10 a.m., the officer – who has worked the area his entire career – heard a radio call for a man kicking in a door for a house break. Not long after that, a man who is well-known to police for previous burglaries was dropped off at his residence in a cab. His clothing matched the radio call’s description and the officer took note.

Later, another car pulled up and picked up the man.

Police were able to make a motor vehicle stop when the car when the wrong way down a one-way street.

Police found drugs on the man and a large quantity of cash in the back seat. There were also several stolen items in the vehicle.

Eric Wallace, 41, of 369 Revere St., was charged with possession of a Class B drug, two counts of breaking and entering in the day for a felony, receiving stolen property over $250, possession of a Class B drug.


One man with a history of harassing phone calls was summonsed to court this week after calling the Revere Police Station no fewer than 80 times last Friday.

Police said there was an attempted housebreak at the man’s North Shore Road home last Friday morning, and officers were investigating. However, the man apparently began calling incessantly.

By the afternoon, he had called more than 60 times.

By the late afternoon, some 80 times.

Police said the man has a history of doing such things over the years and is typically rude and uses foul language when on his tirades. He also, they said, ties up emergency lines and prevents other people with real emergencies from getting through.

William Bona, of North Shore Road, will be summonsed for criminal harassment, disorderly conduct and annoying phone calls.

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