Al Blasi Was a Terrific Baseball Coach and A Great Person

Al Blasi was synonymous with Revere High School baseball for more than four decades. He helped student-athletes learn all aspects of the game – hitting, fielding, pitching, bunting, and running the bases.

He was as an expert in baseball, a master of the fundamentals who knew how to teach the game and make it fun.

So many Revere baseball players looked at him with reverence, admiring how someone could bring a love of the game to practice each day whether it was in pre-season in March or the final week of the season in late May. Al Blasi clearly enjoyed coaching baseball and we’re so fortunate that he graced our high school baseball program for all those years.

But Al Blasi – the man, the father, the schoolteacher – was also a giant in our community. He brought that same energy and drive in to the classroom where his students and colleagues admired his dedication to his job and his commitment to the teaching profession.

Al Blasi touched so many lives in a positive way in this city. His players will look back with fond memories of his coaching and fatherly advice.

We agree with our superintendent of schools, Dr. Paul Dakin, that Mr. Blasi should be honored for his great contribution to our high school athletic program. We are sure that Dr. Dakin will find just the right way to pay tribute to Al Blasi, the beloved baseball coach and teacher.

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