Welcome, Market Basket to the City of Revere

We are very excited to welcome Market Basket to the city of Revere and look forward with much anticipation to the opening of the brand new store in the Northgate Shopping Center this Sunday, Oct. 26.

The many residents who have visited Market Basket stores in nearby communities such as Chelsea understand what a great supermarket operation it is and appreciate the friendly, hospitable employees who make each shopping experience a special one.

Market Basket has become one of the region’s most popular and beloved stores. Revere residents have been eagerly anticipating its opening for nearly two years. That wait was extended by a year due to the company’s issues this summer but the wait is over and Market Basket is ready to take care of the customers who took care of them.

Anecdotally Mayor Dan Rizzo has often shared the fact that he received more calls about Market Basket than he did about the casino project. Readers tell us they enjoy stories about the Market Basket in our publication.

We were fortunate to get a sneak peak at new store this week and after seeing what’s inside the store and what the company has planned, we are certain the public will be more than satisfied and the development will have long-lasting and positive effects in terms of job creation and economic stimulus of the Northgate Shopping Center.

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