Through the Years

10 years ago

September 1, 2004

With Massachusetts U.S. Senator John Kerry running as the Democratic nominee for President, speculation is rampant as to who will run for Kerry’s seat if he should win the Presidency. If Congressman Ed Markey should decide to throw his hat into the ring, Mayor Thomas Ambrosino said he seriously would consider a run for Markey’s seat.

A recent report by the Mass. Highway Dept. reveals that three bridges in Revere are structurally deficient, the Revere St. bridge near Billy Tse’s and the two Marsh Rd. bridges, one over the Pines River and the other over Diamond Creek. However, all three bridges are in the process of being replaced. Altogether, 551 bridges in the state have been deemed structurally deficient.

The developers of the long-delayed 84-unit high-rise next to the St. George’s condo complex on Revere Beach Blvd. say they finally are ready to begin construction. Lawsuits by neighbors and Conservation Commission issues have delayed the project.

Three heroin overdoses were reported in the city last week; all three victims were revived at the hospital.

The Notebook, Spiderman 2, and Shrek 2 are playing at the Revere Showcase Cinemas.

30 years ago

August 29, 1984

City Councillor Robert Haas Jr., a candidate for state representative, has pledged his support, if elected, for Everett State Rep. George Keverian in the battle for the Speaker of the House with current Speaker Tom McGee of Lynn.

Local resident Howie Hoffman, 21, has captured the National Powerlifting Championship in the 165 pound weight class hl’d recently in Portland, Maine. Hoffman lifted 369 pounds in the bench press, 582 in the squat, and 672 in the dead lift.

40 years ago

August 28, 1974

New schedules await Revere students as they go back to school September 5 with the historic opening of the new Revere High School. Ninth graders now will be at the high school instead of the Garfield School, from where they formerly entered Revere High as sophomores. Changes also will take place in other schools throughout the city, affecting students in all grades.

A 33 year old worker for the Youth Service Board was arrested by police after a raid at his home on charges of possession of marijuana and of possession with intent to sell 5000 pills of speed. Also present were several other persons, including a 16 year girl. Among the Revere officers on the raid were Richard J. McDonald, Edward MacManus, Michael A. Casoli, Elmer Bidder, James P. Jajuga, and Ronald J. Guilmette.

William J. Killion, well-known local funeral home director, died suddenly of a heart attack Tuesday. He was 63. He was a native of the city and a WWII veteran. He had owned and operated his funeral home at the corner of Winthrop Ave. and Sprague St. since 1952.

The charity softball game held by the Revere Elks last week featured Boston Bruins stars Ken Hodge, Wayne Cashman, Eddie Johnston, and Dallas Smith.

Deputy Fire Chief Ernest J. Charrier received his gold retirement badge at a special roll call held at the Central Fire Station recently. Charrier has served for 30 years in the local fire department. Fire Chief Anthony Mastronardi presented Charrier with the gold badge.

50 years ago

August 27, 1964

City Treasurer Francis X. Shea has informed the City Council that the city has exceeded the state-mandated borrowing limit by $335,217. He said that the city cannot exceed the state-lmposed borrowing cap without receiving permission from the State Emergency Finance Board. Shea said that the city’s debt stands at $2,233,000. His report comes on the heels of a request by the School Committee to borrow an additional $2.7 million for construction of the new Lincoln School and $1.39 million for the addition to the Whelan School.

William H. Smith, Executive Dir. of the Revere Housing Authority since it was created in 1946, was tendered a retirement party this week

60 years ago

September 2, 1954

City Manager Edward P. O’Toole and other city officials have agreed that Hurricane Carol, which slammed through Revere Tuesday morning, caused even greater damage in the city than the devastating Hurricane of 1938. They have estimated losses at over $1 million and said it will cost the city at least $100,000 to clean up the mess in the storm’s aftermath. Revere Beach and the Point of Pines were hardest hit, but all sections of the city suffered damage. Towering waves flooded the city’s low-lying streets and fierce winds ripped off portions of many buildings. A huge, double-ferris wheel at Derby Park toppled onto Ocean Ave., bringing down power and MTA lines. The exceptionally high tide swept almost all of the sand that had been pumped onto Revere Beach by a recent resending project by the MDC back out to sea, making the $250,000 project a total loss. About 150 persons were sheltered by the Red Cross in the basement of Our Lady of Lourdes Church.

City Manager Edward P. O’Toole has rejected a request for a $500 salary differential for 12 superior officers in the police and fire departments.

Walter Davidzick, 35, his bride of three months, Jean, 22, and her mother, Mary C. Kasper, all of 118 Pearl St., were killed in Duanesboro, N.Y. by a skidding tractor-trailer in a rainstorm. They were returning home from a delayed honeymoon trip to California.

Miss Margaret T. Moynihan, 58, of 51 Walnut St., assistant city clerk for the past 15 years, died Monday after an illness of three months.

70 years ago

August 31, 1944

The toll of Revere’s hero war dead increased by two this week with grim announcements from the War Dept.

S/Sgt. Paul W. Cronin, 25, son of Police Lieut. and Mrs. Cornelius F. Cronin of 95 Reservoir Ave., was killed in France on August 4. News of the young soldier’s death came as a shock to his family, which is one of the best-known in the city. He was one of the first volunteers to join the Army from Revere and was chosen to fill the ranks of the crack First Division, which was the first to land in Tunisia, North Africa, and then Sicily before returning to England to take part in the D-Day operation.

Mr. and Mrs. Domenic Mantine of 32 Geneva St. received word that their son, Pfc. Andrew J. Mantine, 28, died in France from wounds he received in action.

Unexpected joy and relief came to the parents of First Lieut. Ragnar E. Gustafson, who had been reported missing over France on June 17, when they received a letter from him informing them he was alive and well. Gustafson’s bomber had been hit by anti-aircraft fire and all that had been known previously was that he and his comrades had parachuted from their plane.

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