Letters to the Editor

Thank you Revere

Dear Editor:

On Saturday July 19th we had the good fortune to witness some real tender human behavior that we did not expect. There was a very large crowd that had gathered all day to view the extraordinary Sand Sculptures on Revere Beach. There were families of all ethnic groups accounted for and everyone was so friendly and excused one another when passing. There was no shoving or impatient behavior anywhere that we observed. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, my Mother-in-Law had a minor accident and there were multitudes of people that ran to her aide. These people picked her up from the sand, brought her to the wall where she rested while they searched through their bags for towels and bandages. She fell off the stoop when climbing from the sand to the pavement that resulted in a few scratches and a couple of deep gouges in her feet that really bled profusely. From out of nowhere there were band aids flying through the air, along with clean wipes and sterile pads to help clean her wounds. Someone ran to find a Park Ranger who came with her first aid kit.

I have never witnessed such an outpouring of help and concern. They were all wonderful and they didn’t know us from a hole in the wall, yet they didn’t hesitate for one moment to lend a hand. We remarked all the way home to New Hampshire how friendly and caring all the people were. In a society that always focuses on the negative, we thought we would share a really positive experience to remind us all that there are more good people out there than bad!!!

Linda Stagno Pellerin and Family

A great job

Dear Editor:

Just wanted to say, Great Job !. To the Mayor and his staff, DPW, Police and Fire Departments for their rapid responses. Also, as I walked around Monday I noticed all our local landscape companies working hard in the heat that followed the storm. It’s just amazing how fast they chopped up the fallen trees. Once again, Revere Shines. Regards.

Gene McKenna

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