Jewelry Box Celebrates 38th Anniversary

The Jewelry Box on Broadway Revere has helped generations of people celebrate their anniversaries, and now the store is celebrating a little milestone of its own.

Tom Yourawski and co-owner Justin Puopolo are celebrating the store’s 38th Anniversary this month and, according to “Uncle Tommy,” the time has gone by too fast.

“I don’t know where the time went, honestly,” he said. “We’re still buying gold and diamonds and that’s holding steady. I’ve had my business all my life. I’m not going anywhere soon. What I’m finding is a new generation coming to me. The people I’ve served all my life have their children and grandchildren coming to me. It’s something we’re enjoying because we deal with the happy days of people’s lives.”

He said there is a tremendous amount of gold and diamonds that are being sold and exchanged.

Upgrading from old jewelry – even children bringing in older jewelry from their parents – is a trend.

He also has been finding that coins are a hot item – old coins and historic coins.

“I’m happy to do that,” he said.

Of course, during this time of year, the gold crosses and chains are a popular item with First Communion season upon us.

“That’s really holding steady and we’ve always had that niche here,” he said.

Yourawski said his store is weathering the trends, even 38 years after first opening his doors.

“In plain English, we’re the last mom and pop jewelry store around and we’re not going anywhere,” he said.

The Jewelry Box is located at 345 Broadway, Revere.

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