MGC Casino Hearing Draws Packed House for Mohegan

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) stared down a packed room late on Tuesday afternoon that was full of casino advocates ready to tell them that Revere is the right place for a resort casino.

Tuesday was the first local input public hearing for the Greater Boston region with MGC Commissioners hearing testimony from those wishing to sound off on the Mohegan Sun project.

A similar hearing will take place today, March 26, for the Wynn Resort in Everett.

Numerous Revere residents had signed up to speak in favor of the casino project – from young people to older people, and from business owners to elected officials.

Mayor Dan Rizzo offered up an argument before the Commission once again about the potential revitalization not only of Revere, but also of the entire North Shore region.

It was expected that elected officials and the Town Manager from Winthrop would speak against the project, as that Town’s negotiations with Mohegan Sun have recently run aground in a very serious way.

It was also assumed that the City of Boston would speak with concerns about being a host community to the project.

Additionally, clergy from Revere and anti-casino organizers from East Boston were expected to weigh in against the project.

The conclusion of the meeting came too late for Journal deadlines Tuesday afternoon.

On Monday, April 7, the MGC will hold a similar host community public input meeting at the Revere High School Auditorium at 4 p.m.

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