Rep. Reinstein’s Decision

The decision last week  by Rep. Kathi-Anne Reinstein to resign her seat in the House of Representative and take a job in the private sector certainly came as a shock to many residents.

However, in retrospect maybe it was to be expected.

Like her father before her, Kathi has become a Revere institution being what seems to be everywhere all the time.  And she did this hereculean task not because it was expected from Bill Reinstein’s daughter but because of her love and respect  of the elected and the City of Revere and its residents.

For more than 15 years on her own and before that for her father, Kathi has been attending weddings and business ribbon cuttings, sports events and installations.  She was wherever residents of Revere were to be found.

This constantly meeting the residents kept her grounded and well tuned whenever issues came up in the House.  She knew how Revere voters felt on any issue and she made sure to let their voices be heard before her colleagues.

Her insights led her on a path to become one of the most powerful legislators in the House rising to Second Assistant Majority Leader.

From this position Revere gained clout that resulted in many state grants finding their way to help local residents whether it be in educational grants or police and fire grants to water grants.

However, all this takes its toll on a personal life, when almost every weekend or weeknight is out meeting the residents.

We join her colleagues in wishing Kathi-Anne much success in her new position.  We know that one will always see Kathi-Anne around Revere and ready to help.

Because some things in people never change.

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