Pop Warner Cheer Squads Win National Titles

An amazing journey that began in Revere in early August ended in a magical place called Disney World in early December when three Revere Junior Patriots Pop Warner cheerleading squads captured titles at the National Pop Warner Cheer Championships.

The Revere A squad, led by coach Meredith Stavrinos, the B squad, led by coach Jen Mora, and the C squad, led by coach Melissa Elam, soared to heights that no other organization in eastern Massachusetts had reached before: Three teams in, three teams with national championships – not to mention Eastern Mass. and New England championships on the road to Florida.

“Revere Pop Warner has made Eastern Mass. history,” said board member Tracy Sullivan proudly. “Revere is the first program in Eastern Mass. to send three squads to nationals and win first-place titles.”

Above all, Revere had a group of talented athletes who worked together as a team and set high goals. There were superb coaches who have a proven record of knowing how to teach the sport of cheerleading and how to inspire their teams to set and reach the highest of goals.

Stavrinos said the cheerleaders’ determination and hard work set the foundation to an incredible season.

“The kids on the ‘A’ squad are a very hard-working, determined group. I’m very proud of them,” said Stavrinos. “They set a goal for themselves and worked as a team to reach it.”

Kristen Ternullo Karshis, assistanct coach of the A squad and treasurer of the RJP board of directors, credited the support of the organization and the citizens of Revere. “It has been an amazing year,” said Ternullo Karshis. “The kids have worked very hard all season. The volunteers in Revere have built a strong program that is nationally recognized and the support of the citizens of Revere has been overwhelming.”

Mora brought the B team to its first Nationals and the squad took first place. Elam has taken three Revere C squads to Nationals and brought home three national titles.

Revere’s three national titles wouldn’t have been possible without the overall leadership of Carolyn Demers, who is the director of the RJP cheerleading program.

The Revere ‘D squad had a great season as well and closed their campaign with an Eastern Mass. title. The Mitey Mites E squad was invited to Disney for an exhibition performance and it earned an award.

From Massachusetts to Florida and the other 48 states as well, one fact has become clear: When it comes to Pop Warner cheerleading, the city of Revere is a national powerhouse and it has the hardware to back it up.


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