Trailer Pk. Successfully Rezoned; Makes Way for Potential Hotel

City Councillors voted 10-0 to rezone the Parkway Mobile Home Park on Monday night, taking it from a residential district to a Technology Enterprise District (TED) and clearing the way for a potential 12-story hotel on the site.

The park has been the source of controversy for some time, and under the present ownership, long-time residents and neighbors indicate that the area has taken a severe nosedive.

Drug overdoses and police calls are fairly frequent, and a vicious murder took place on the site earlier this year.

Most councillors felt it was most appropriate to re-zone the area in hopes of attracting the hotel development that may or may not come. Park Attorney Joe Cattoggio stressed that there is no proposal imminent, nor is there one before any City board.

“It’s not the nicest looking area and it brings a certain element that has a high level of crime,” said Councillor Arthur Guinasso. “I think a hotel would be a heck of a lot nicer looking than a trailer park…I think the aesthetics will outweigh the concerns of a few homeowners.”

Councillor Ira Novoselsky said there were some serious concerns, however. He said if a hotel comes, many homeowners would be next door to it and others would lose dramatic skyline views of Boston.

“I was up there and there were some beautiful views,” said Novoselsky. “They can see the fireworks on 4th of July and the Zakim Bridge. That’s how far they can see and I would ask they specifically work with us to ensure the building is in the best location so it minimizes anyone losing views. When you have a 12-story building, it’s tough, but people on the Parkway have an issue…Neighbors on Pratt Place will be directly behind it. They’ll be looking into the second floor of a hotel if this happens.”

Needless to say, the re-zoning passed with flying colors.

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