Revere Wins: Council Urged to Vote for Casino

The last week has been truly remarkable as the Revere-only casino proposal gathers momentum.

As we have mentioned countless times before, if a Revere-only casino is approved, our city will be changed dramatically.

We join with our elected officials and a large majority of residents in believing that the change will be for a better city for ourselves and our children.

On Monday night, the Council Chamber was packed — to the point where a radio reporter could not get in to the hall to cover the story.  Clearly, the overwhelming number of those in attendance were in favor of a Revere-only casino.

Let no one deny that the residents are engaged in this discussion.

We encourage all residents to continue to call Mayor Dan Rizzo or their elected councillors to let them know your feelings on the Revere-only casino.

The plans and committment on Monday morning by Mohegan Sun CEO Mitchell Etess, show a deep concern for the welfare of our city and its businesses.

On Tuesday, the Planning Board gave its approval for the zoning change necessary for the Revere-only casino to move ahead.

Now it is up to the City Council on Monday to vote for the zoning change.  Past votes show that there is almost unanimous support among councillors for the Revere-only casino.

We urge that their vote on Monday be overwhelmingly in support of the Revere-only casino.

The Council’s support is crucial to the vote that will be taken by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) next week on the proposed Revere-only casino.

However, as crucial as the Council vote is to show to the MGC  Revere’s committment to the project, it is equally important that all dissenters of the project be given their say.

We have always been a community of fair play where anyone can speak their mind freely and without being shouted down.

We encourage residents both for and against to attend the meeting on Monday, knowing that they can express their views freely as is the custom in a democracy.

The Revere we know is the Revere that accepts differences on an issue but then will come together afterwards regardless of the outcome to move our community forward.

Let the MGC Commisioners know this about Revere when they vote on the Revere-only casino that we live by the words of the French Enlightment Philosopher Voltaire who said:

“I do not agree with what you have to say,  but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Regardless of the MGC vote, if we live by this principle, then Revere will truly win.

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