Revere Says Yes – but East Boston Says No to Suffolk

The overall casino plan is in turmoil after Tuesday’s election, despite the best effort of a Revere electorate that voted for a casino 59 percent to 38 percent.

East Boston, however, spoiled the jackpot – shooting down the casino plan at Suffolk Downs by a vote 62 percent to 38 percent.
Nevertheless, a clear vote in Revere has Mayor Dan Rizzo calling for the fight to continue and for Suffolk Downs put the casino all on the Revere side.
That, however, is likely to be a long shot based on previous rulings by the Commission and the timing.
“Today, the people of Revere voted for jobs and economic development for their city and for the future of resort gaming in Revere,” Rizzo said. “Tonight I called Suffolk Downs and I have asked them to reshape their project and to build it only on their 52 acres in Revere. I will work with the Gaming Commission so that Revere’s affirmative land-use vote on this issue can stand. Our community will continue to fight so that Revere can win this boost to our local economy.”
Suffolk Downs they will reassess their plans, though time is of the essence as the deadline for all final projects is Dec. 31.
“On behalf of the hundreds of volunteers, supporters and employees of Suffolk Downs, we want to thank the people of Revere for their overwhelming vote of confidence in our project,” said Chip Tuttle of Suffolk Downs. We will reassess our plans based on tonight’s results.” In the end, the total vote in Revere was 6,566 yes and 4,232 no – a total that was buoyed by a humongous turnout in Ward 6 that just never seemed to stop.

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