Revere Moving Forward

There is an old adage that goes, “Never ask a question if you do not know the answer.”

On September 21, Mayor Dan Rizzo held an unscripted citywide forum where he was asked questions from residents of Revere about what was on their mind.  From all parts of the city, residents took part in a live streaming forum or met Rizzo at different locations throughout the city to talk about their concerns ranging from senior citizen issues to the Host Community Agreement with the Suffolk Downs casino.

The format for this event was live. Rizzo did not know what questions were to be asked, but he just wanted to find out what he was doing right and what could be improved.

On the whole, residents are pleased with the quality of life issues in Revere. We congratulate Rizzo on doing a good job and moving Revere forward as the Chief Executive.

We also want to commend Rizzo for showing the sort of leadership to go out and find out what is on people’s minds, regardless of how small their concerns may seem. It is by this example of basically fielding cold-call questions and hearing what is on residents’ minds that should be truly refreshing to local citizens.

No one likes to hear that they are not doing a good job.  But no one does everything right all the time. Rizzo never ducked a question in this four hour forum.

Rizzo demonstrated that he is willing to listen and try a different approach to an issue.  This willingness to listen and follow through on residents’ concerns is what will keep Revere moving forward.

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