Columbus Day Parade is Approaching

After an absence of five years, our Columbus Day Parade will be coming back to Revere on Monday Oct 14th.

For those of us who remember the parades of the past years, this parade tradition is certainly a welcome comeback.  As our memories of the parade recall our youth, so too will this year’s parade create memories for our children.

However, the local parade just does not happen. The planning for this event takes time and money. Mayor Dan Rizzo and the committee can only do so much. They can organize and fund the parade. More important, they cannot make the people who are viewing the parade  be respectful and make this a truly great family experience.

So we urge all those attending to enjoy the parade, but behave  appropriately. On Sunday October 13, there will be a fund-raising breakfast at Casa Lucia. We urge all those residents who want to help to try and to attend the breakfast.  For tickets call Mayor Dan Rizzo’s office at 781-286-8111.

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