Investigators Looking at Use of Poker Machines

Local social club-goers may have played their last game of Cherry 3000.

State regulators have apparently raided several Revere veterans clubs and social clubs in a comprehensive investigation into illegal gaming in the city.

The investigation focuses on the infamous poker machines – otherwise known as automatic amusement devices – and their use in several area clubs.

Investigators from the state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC) recently visited several clubs and found evidence to begin an investigation.

“The ABCC is looking into allegations of illegal gaming in Revere, but since this is an ongoing investigation, I can’t comment in detail,” wrote state Treasurer spokesman Jon Carlisle.

Several clubs have been visited, but to date the only club mentioned publicly is the Moose Club on Broadway.

Nothing has been proven, but investigators are apparently building a case against that club and others.

Poker machines have been an infamous subculture in Revere for years and years. The machines, in and of themselves, are legal and are intended only for amusement. However, many establishments are said to operate an illegal cash gaming system using the machines – awarding users with cash for credits built up on the machine.

Such a scheme was exposed several years ago at Reardon’s Pub, and it seemingly contributed to the demise of the establishment. Such investigations were always commonplace at the former Revere Businessmen’s Club on Squire Road – a social club that was shut down by the ABCC a few years back.

Carlisle said more information on the investigation would be forthcoming.

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