The City Payroll

The City’s Financial Department released the Top 100 salaries for Municipal Employees in 2012, and it was once again a real eye opener to see just how much money those at the top end are making.

To say it lightly, it is a little offensive to the average resident in Revere, who might work a similar job in the dreaded private sector and make only a fraction of what top-end City employees make – not to mention losing out on the top-rung benefits offered to public sector employees.

That’s not to say that every City worker makes a killing while the rest of us engage in a race to the bottom. The average City Hall worker is making about equal money to those of us “on the outside.”

However, that being said, there are far too many public sector employees in Revere and all over the state making salaries that are just not in line with the current economic times.

State budgets, local budgets and municipal aid run deficits just about every year, yet the largest cost on the books – that of salaries – just automatically go up and up. And when hundreds upon hundreds of salaries go up and up, it begins to mean something on the tax bill.

In a private company, if times were as tough as they seemingly always are in government, there wouldn’t be such payouts.

So, it just goes to show that the public sector still hasn’t faced the facts of our economic times in the way private businesses have had to do.

And why should it?

If they’re not meeting bottom lines, they just raise taxes. Easy enough.

Anyway, we appreciate our public sector workers in Revere and a vast majority work hard for their money and do a good job. It’s just that such a pay structure funded by taxpayers cannot continue to exist as it does.

It boils down to this: 11 years ago, there was one person making $100,000.

Today, there are 101.

So, we’ve published the annual list for all to see. If you’re on the list, you hate to see this story every year. If you’re not on the list, you also hate to see this story every year.

For the complete list top to bottom – beyond the Top 100 – log onto and take a look.

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