Rizzo Working to Expand Crime Watch

With the support of his Neighborhood Advisory Council, other community groups, The City Council, and the Police Department, Mayor Rizzo is planning an aggressive outreach campaign to help bolster Crime Watch Groups across the City. City Officials, community activities, and members of the Revere Police Department, will be going into different sections of the City over the coming months to educate residents about Crime Watch.

The first of these meetings will be Tuesday November 13that 6:00pm in the Paul Revere School Auditorium. The meeting is for residents from mainly Wards 2 and 3, but all residents are welcome to attend. Officials from the Revere Police Department will be teaching best practices for from Crime Watch formation, which are; Build organizations across the city, with planning committees, coordinators, and block captains; Communicate using email, phone tree, meetings, special outreach, and partnering with other community groups; Identifying different tasks that people can take on.

“Public Safety continues to be my number one priority as Mayor of the City of Revere. I hope that people will come to this Kick-Off meeting so we can work to build Crime Watch groups in every neighborhood,” commented Mayor Rizzo.

According to the National Crime Prevention Council:

• Six out of ten people belong to Neighborhood Watch Groups where it is available.

• Neighbors who know and look out for each other create the strongest features of safer neighborhoods

• Crime Watch unites the community around a common goal and increases neighborhood cohesion

• Reduces fear of crime in the community

• Provides basic skills to all members on preventing crime.

If you would like to learn more, or get involved with Crime Watch activities, please contact the Mayor’s Office at [email protected]. Together we can all work together to make Revere safer and more integrated community.

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