Suffolk Downs Only Bidder

To date, Suffolk Downs race track is the only bidder for a casino license under the state’s expanded gaming legislation.

Suffolk Downs is the only bidder because they have done the leg work to command such a position in the free market place.

If Suffolk Downs were running a casual and haphazard effort to secure a license, we can be certain others would have jumped into the bidding.

Suffolk Downs has worked for almost a decade to get into the position where they are at today.

That is, Suffolk Downs is the only game in town if a casino license is to be awarded in this section of Massachusetts as allowed under the law. But not because Suffolk Downs has excluded others from applying or bidding – but rather – because their effort is so strong and the case the track is making is so compelling that others are hesitant to compete with Suffolk Downs at this point.

The casino effort is moving along at a snail’s pace but Suffolk Downs continues its operation always looking at the bigger picture and the day when a casino will be located there and operating.

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