Panera Bread Coming to Revere

Panera Bread is apparently looking seriously at sites in Revere in order to locate one of their popular eateries in our city.

Those of you who have experienced Panera Bread can attest to the chain restaurant’s great pastries and coffee, breakfasts and lunches and dinners. They make great soup, serve wonderful salads, juices and drinks in a fun atmosphere where people like to congregate.

Best of all, Panera Bread officials know how decorate their locations so they are inviting and warm.

Panera is said to be looking for a location already in existence or are said to be willing to build one of their own.

We would suggest Panera consider the Wonderland Shopping Center which is about to lose its Stop and Shop. Panera doesn’t need all that space but could certainly locate nicely in some of it – and the added plus here is the parking. There is plenty of parking which a Panera requires.

Panera coming to Revere would be great business for the city and even greater business for the restaurant. This city is the right demographic for a Panera Bread.

Their pricing reflects the pricing sensibilities that residents have here.

An average Panera Bread would employ as many as 50 people and would generate a large payroll and would use an enormous amount of local goods and services.

We hope Panera Bread follows through on its promise to locate here.

It would find Revere a very friendly place to do business.

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