Clammers Heartened by Lawsuit Against Massport

A lawsuit by 19 local clammers against Massport and a jet fuel delivery company Swissport/BOS is now making its way through the court system and giving rise to the belief that justice might be done for the clammers, who lost the Wood Island clamming flats to an alleged jet fuel spill that occurred at the airport but whose size and impact remain underreported.

Several Revere clammers, who wished to remain unnamed, said the lawsuit might result in clammers being paid for their losses like businesspeople in any other industry where an environmental disaster caused the elimination of their right to work.

Clamming is done at a number of locations in Revere along the shore by the Pines River, and near to the Point of Pines.

Most of the clammers involved in the lawsuit used the Wood Island flats as their home base, that is, until the jet fuel spill 2 years ago, decimated the clam population of the flats.

Today, there are no clams living in the flats and the clammers have been forced to move elsewhere at great expense.

An investigation by marine experts at a local lab revealed the clams that died at the Wood Island flats had trace amounts of components found only in jet fuel.

Neither Massport nor Swissport/BOS has owned up to the spill or its results.

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