Ante Up: Suffolk Downs Puts Up $400k for Casino Application Process

The owners of Suffolk Downs ponied up $400,000 Friday and marched the check over to the offices of the Gaming Commission where it was left with officials there.

Thus began the real opening salient in what is expected to be a long and sophisticated application process that will end sometime next year.

The $400,000, which is non-refundable, is the certification, of sorts, for the track’s letter of intent to seek a casino license. The check was brought to the Commission’s offices in Boston by Suffolk Down’s President Chip Tuttle.

Richard Fields, the owner of the track, said he was pleased, delighted really, to get the ball rolling on the application process.

“We want to create a $1 billion first class destination casino and race track facility. For 77 years, Suffolk Downs has been a wonderful racing venue. This will continue and a casino will come to be. We will set the standard for gaming development in Massachusetts,” Fields said.

Mayor Dan Rizzo was delighted by the news that the Gaming Commission had accepted the $400,000 from Suffolk Downs.

“I am pleased this project seems to finally be coming together on all fronts. Revere welcomes the casino, the jobs, the development, the renewal of the track itself and horseracing. And when the casino is up and running, Revere will benefit from a stream of income which is of great importance for the future economic viability of the city,” Rizzo added.

The total amount for the application when the commission is ready to accept full applications is expected to be in the near to $2 million range – which would include the initial $400,000.

The Commission will be vetting all principals, checking all development plans, approving mitigation plans for host cities and plans for surrounding city compensation as well as approving highway and transportation issues, social issues and the plethora of things connected with this type of development.

1 comment for “Ante Up: Suffolk Downs Puts Up $400k for Casino Application Process

  1. Cliff Webb
    August 26, 2012 at 1:14 pm

    And they get to pay another 1 to 2 million for their lame brained polluting practice of dumping manure into the Sales Creek for the past upteen years.
    Where were the watchdogs all this time that are supposed to be watching such things? Oh yeah, that’s right, it is only Revere, so that type of thing is to be expected.

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