Cyndal Todd Crowned N.E. Perfect Miss 2012

Cyndal Todd New England Perfect Miss 2012

Cyndal Maria Todd works as a full-time paralegal and is an actress and a model, so she wears different hats in the stream of her daily life.

The stunning, 26-year-old Revere High graduate also currently wears the crown of New England Perfect Miss 2012, having prevailed over twenty contestants in the pageant that was held in May at the former Sheraton Tara Ferncroft Hotel in Danvers.

As a result of her victory, Cyndal will vie for the national title of America Perfect Miss 2012 in August in Orlando where there will be interview, swimsuit, and evening gown competitions. The judging criteria are beauty, articulation, style, dedication to community service and talent.

Todd has won a few smaller pageants and came close to winning the Miss Massachusetts USA title in 2010, finishing as the second runner-up and taking the most photogenic award.

“This [New England Perfect Miss] was my first pageant since 2010 so I was excited to win,” said Todd.

She’s also looking forward with much anticipation to her job in July as the body double for actress Salma Hayek in “Grown Ups 2,” a role she previously held in “Grown Ups.”

Todd began attending the Beachmont School in the seventh grade and continued her education at Revere High School. She attended Suffolk University and Bunker Hill Community College before graduating from Salem State University in 2011 with a degree in Accounting.

She remembers her days vividly in the Revere school system, citing an administrator and a teacher who were very helpful in her educational career. “Dr. David DeRuosi was my principal and he was very helpful to me during my years in high school,” said Todd. “Mr. Pearlman was my world history at Beachmont and he also taught at Bunker Hill and Salem State and he’s an outstanding educator.”

In her position as New England Perfect Miss, she hopes to give back to the Revere school system. Her personal platform is anti-bullying and she hopes to develop an educational program that she would convey an anti-bullying message to Revere students.

Todd competed in her first major pageant, Miss Teen Massachusetts U.S.A. when she was 13 years old. She continued on in the Miss Massachusetts U.S.A. pageant system, culminating in her third place finish in 2010.

Though she has not taken acting lessons, Todd has appeared in a few movies, including “21,” “The Proposal,” “Surrogates,” “The Fighter,” and “Ted.” She was the body double for Sandra Bullock in “The Proposal,” and a ring card girl in “The Fighter,” a movie about Lowell boxing champion Mickey Ward who was portrayed by Mark Walhberg. Last summer she was the body and photo double for Leighton Meester in “That’s My Boy,” appearing as the stand-in for scenes with actor Andy Samberg.

Todd nearly had a major breakthrough in her acting career for the Ben Affleck movie, “Our Town,” that was filmed in Boston. Todd had met Affleck during the filming of “The Company Men,” and the former Cambridge resident asked Todd to audition for “Our Town.”

“I made it to the final round for the role played by Blake Lively,” said Todd. “That would have been huge and I’m still a little upset about it.”

But that momentary setback hasn’t deterred her confidence, ambition, or poise. The personable and vivacious beauty queen has been moving forward in her career with the next stop set for Orlando, Florida, and a chance to win her first national pageant title.

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