Listening to the People

The city council voted unanimously Monday night against a bill- board being placed on Squire Road. The vote comes as no surprise as hundreds of area residents made it clear to the council some months back that if a bill-board were allowed in that spot that voters would come down hard on elected public officials.

The arguments against the bill-board in that place on Squire Road were all encompassing.

Residents didn’t want another bill-board near to their homes taking down the value of their neighborhood and individual residence. They didn’t want the further proliferation of bill-boards in the city.

In this respect, the voters and neighborhood residents won a big battle and have put a stop to bill-boards at least for the moment.

The city council has shown a great deal of common sense and even a bit of hubris in acceding to the wishes of the people as the bill-board that was voted down, was not in a very close proximity to residential streets or homes in the strictest sense.

It was to have been put up near to the Four Points Sheraton and within sight of drivers speeding down the Expressway in both directions.

That being said, it now appears that the city has an unwritten law stopping the future permitting of bill-boards.

In a city overrun with them, perhaps the change is fitting and right.

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