Carol Sinclair

The death of Carol Sinclair, who died over the weekend from the ravages of bone cancer, brings to an end the life of one of this city’s most outspoken activists.

She was only 71.

Carol Sinclair was a true fighter and a studious expert at local public policy.

For many, many years, she was a strong voice at city hall who never failed to throw a wrench into some of the best laid plans of councilors set to do something she opposed.

To some, she was a perpetual thorn in the side.

To others, she was an indispensable part of the city hall, Revere political scene.

Over the years, she ran for public office at least a half dozen times – and in one of her last campaigns several years ago for city council, she came close to finishing in the money.

Privately, she was a quiet, humble, caring woman who always had an interest in people and in Revere.

Publicly, she was a tiger, fighting and bantering with local officials, always, at city council hearings and stepping up to the plate to be heard.

The friends of Carol Sinclair, among which we number ourselves here at the Journal, are so, so sorry to hear about her death.

She was really alive and she loved life – she loved her life.

In her final years, she was the primary caregiver for her father, whom she adored and who she leaves behind.

She also leaves two sons, both of Revere.

To Carol Sinclair, Revere was a great and wonderful place which she loved, where she spent her life.

Her considerable presence is already missed.

Our condolences to her family.

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