Selling Your Old Electronics Online? for Pain Free Secure Service

Depstar LogoIt’s hard to sell your old stuff. Ask anyone who has ever had a yard-sale or been to the flea market. EBay is an attractive alternative, but is often much better suited for large companies that can afford hefty seller fees. So what can the average Joe do with his old cell phones and mobile electronics?

Boston-based company is trying to provide an easy answer to that question. “Our goal is to make selling your cell phone as easy as checking your email,” says CEO and Boston-native Jacob Resnek. “Fill out an online form, send us your phone, and we’ll send you cash.”
In the past year a number of cell-phone “buyback” companies have attempted to capitalize on the plethora of unused electronics. But, says Resnek, because the field is emerging, and because companies are new, customers are easily taken for a ride. “These companies are taking advantage of people. Sometimes, it can take a month to get your money, or they give you the run-around. Other times, companies just decide not to pay out.”
Depstar’s website is easy to navigate. Visit, select the product you wish to sell and you are given an instant quote for the value of your phone. Depstar then mails you, free of charge, a “mailer kit” including pre-paid postage. When you receive the package, you put your phone in the pre-paid envelope and send it to their headquarters. As soon as it is received and inspected, a check is generated and sent back to you. Depstar offers payments through PayPal.
The whole process takes about five business days.
A handful of companies offer cell-phone buyback services. Why Depstar?
“With us, there’s no fine print,” says Resnek, who says, that with many buyback companies, you wait up to a month to get paid. Depstar is the only buyback site that offers an instantaneous payment, with no waiting time. At Depstar, as soon as your phone reaches their facility, a customer service agent inspects it and a check or PayPal payment is issued the same day.
Additionally, Depstar offers a unique “Flat-Rate Guarantee” on all broken products, meaning that Depstar pays you one flat price for any condition broken phone—whether it is water damaged or broken in two, you get paid the same amount, regardless of the extent of the damage.
Depstar is also the “greenest” of all buyback companies, offering environmentally friendly solutions to electronics that would otherwise end up in landfills. Scientists at Greenpeace in 2008 dismantled the iPhone and tested its components, finding brominated flame retardants (BFRs) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), toxins which are known to release toxic chemicals when sent to a landfill. Depstar’s “Green Guarantee” assures no toxins are sent to landfills—a fact that should make us all sleep a little better this Earth Day. is a presence at all Apple releases in major cities across the United States, and has been featured on CNN Money.
Want to sell your cell? Visit and get a quote today.

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