License Commission Memberswill Not Heed Request to Leave

The two members of the License Commission that were asked to step down last week by Mayor Dan Rizzo will decline to do so and will serve out their respective terms.

Sources close to the situation told the Journal this week that Chair Tom Henneberry and Member Bob Marra will decline to step down from their positions this week and will continue serving on the Commission until their terms expire.

Both Marra and Henneberry would not comment on the matter.

However, Journal sources confirmed the two would not abide by the new mayor’s wishes.

“It is certainly not their intention to step aside, and I think they will continue on the Board,” said the source.

Marra’s term ends this summer, and so if he were to stay on, it would only be a matter of months before Mayor Rizzo could appoint his own choice.

However, Henneberry has about two more years left on his term, and would be a presence on the Commission for some time before Mayor Rizzo would be able to replace him with a new appointment.

Henneberry has been on the Commission since 2004 and is an attorney, while Marra assumed the term of former Commissioner Mike Pepe in 2009.

The situation is not unprecedented. Revere political junkies will be quick to tell anyone that the same exact stand-off occurred during the administrations of former, late Mayors George V. Colella and William Reinstein.

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