Mayor Dan Rizzo

The city has a new leader, with new ideas and a different leadership style about him. Mayor Dan Rizzo got off to a big start Monday evening when he was inaugurated.

Not enough can be said or implied about the size of the crowd that jammed the Revere High School Auditorium to enjoy his inauguration with him.

He begins his first term with an enormous amount of good feeling and goodwill.

This is exactly the way it should be when you are just starting off in a new endeavor.

Such a large and adoring crowd with so many people taking photographs, is an indication of Rizzo’s popularity.

Rizzo has promised to make changes about how this city is run and of how it manages itself.

He is apparently set to make major changes in city personnel. For Rizzo, that will truly be the beginning of his time under fire – and being the mayor in this city is about always being a target by the multitude of competing constituencies that make up this place.

There will be new faces and new leadership under Rizzo.

His greatest task will be to get development rolling here in a big way.

It is likely he will be calling upon John Festa, the noted local developer, to head a newly revamped Community Development office. This is perceived as a major appointment. Above all, Revere needs a host of new development projects and some consistency and sense of exactly where the city is headed with regard to new projects.

It is believed Rizzo will be naming a new police chief and that the new chief would be hired to revamp the department which has been suffering low morale for quite some time.

In his inaugural address, Rizzo alluded to such changes as being imminent.

Rizzo inherits a city with plenty of cash in the city treasury, with a mandate from the thousands of people who voted for him and who came out for his inauguration.

This city isn’t all about Tom Ambrosino any longer.

Revere is now about Mayor Dan Rizzo.

There is nothing easy or perfunctory about being the mayor of Revere.

It is a big responsibility. There are crises great and small all the time. Nearly everyday, leadership must be shown.

Nearly everyday, Rizzo will be forced to listen to people with cares, dreams, and ambitions.

Many will expect favors from him. Others will want jobs.

The citizens coming to him for aid or help will number in the thousands by the end of the year.

Right now, he is at the beginning, which is a wonderful place to be.

It will be hard to know where he is heading until he gets there.

That being said, we wish Mayor Rizzo good luck and good health.

Our best to Dan Rizzo, mayor of Revere.

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