Council, School Commitee Members Also Take the Oath on Monday Night

The Revere City Council inaugurated two new councillors – including the youngest citywide councillor in history – and nine incumbents at the grand inauguration ceremony Monday night.

Coming on as new members of the Council were Brian Arrigo and Jessica Ann Giannino, with Giannino being the youngest ever elected citywide. Both are at-large councillors.

Taking the oath as incumbents were Ward 1 Councillor Richard Penta, Ward 2 Councillor Ira Novoselsky, Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso, Ward 4 Councillor Stephen Reardon, Ward 5 Councillor John Powers, Ward 6 Councillor Charlie Patch, and at-large councillors Bob Haas, Tony Zambuto and John Correggio.

The Revere School Committee also took the oath of office on Monday, and the all-incumbent field included Michael Ferrante, Dan Maguire, Donna Wood Pruitt, Stacey Rizzo, Fred Sannella and Carol Tye.

The ceremony began with rousing vocal numbers by Sgt. Dan Clark – a former State Trooper and former U.S. Marine. Clark, who has performed for many years on Veterans Day at the Paul Revere School, did hand-clapping renditions of songs related to the armed services and the patriotic favorites.

The ceremony on Monday was officially in tribute to the country’s armed services.

The inauguration started with Sheriff Andrea Cabral calling the meeting to order, and then came grand procession of state and federal elected officials, city councillors, School Committee members and new Mayor Dan Rizzo.

Little Hannah Roznitzky offered the Pledge of Allegiance flawlessly, and Rev. Nick Granitsas of the First Congregational Church handled the blessings and prayers.

Judge Roberto Ronquillo, of Revere, administered the oath to all Revere elected officials.

After the ceremonies, Revere City Councillors convened an organizational meeting in order to pick new officers for the new session.

Ward 1 Councillor Richard Penta won the Council President position – getting nine votes on the first round and a unanimous election on the second round.

Councillor Ira Novoselsky received two votes for President on the first round.

Penta was previously the Council president 10 years ago, during his first run on the Council.

Then, the Council elected Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso unanimously as the Vice President.

School Committee officials also met briefly after the ceremonies and new Mayor Dan Rizzo presided over his first School Committee meeting. Per City Charter, any sitting mayor is automatically the chair of the School Committee.

Elected to the position of Vice Chair was Dan Maguire, and the new Secretary was Michael Ferrante. School Committee members elected both unanimously.

Cutlines –

CouncilPrezVP –

Newly elected Council Vice President Arthur Guinasso and Council President Richard Penta pause for a picture shortly after gaining unanimous approval of their colleagues on Monday night.

PentaOath –

Ward 1 Councillor Richard Penta takes the oath of office as the new Council President.

GuinassoOath –

Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso gets a little extra help from his grandchildren in taking the oath of office as the new Council Vice President.

SchoolCommitteeOfficers –

New School Committee Vice Chair Dan Maguire, Chair and Mayor Dan Rizzo, and Secretary Michael Ferrante. In back are members Donna Wood Pruitt, Fred Sannella, Stacey Rizzo and Carol Tye.

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