Elected Officials, Teachers Show Their Support for Randall, Ask for Lenience

Several elected officials, a teacher and the wife of former Revere Police Officer Todd Randall last week made a last minute call on Federal Judge Rya Zobel for leniency on the fallen officer.

Randall was sentenced in Federal Court at Boston on Tuesday afternoon, but late last Friday, Randall’s attorney – Tim Flaherty – filed a number of letters asking for leniency on Randall or providing character statements.

Those letters came from Randall’s wife, Melissa; Ward 6 City Councillor Charlie Patch; School Committeewoman Stacey Rizzo, Lincoln School teacher Nicole Cascetta, Revere High School Guidance Counselor Amy Chamberlin and Rumney Marsh Academy Assistant Principal Gavin Monagle.

Some of those letters – and a legal filing from Attorney Flaherty – called on Judge Zobel to let Randall go back home with time served (30 days) and probation.

Randall pleaded guilty in September to lying to the FBI during a case they were investigating concerning the fixing of cases in district court. In the investigation, a cooperating witness gave Randall cash in exchange for “fixing” a case. The exchange was taped and monitored by the FBI.

Randall was untruthful with FBI agents when officially questioned about the matter.

He was out on bail until just last month when a September dust-up between Randall and local Internet blogger, Richard Ireton, became public. The dust-up occurred at the Brown Circle Dunkin’ Donuts and was caught on tape. The tape was played in open court and Randall was re-arrested and ordered held until Tuesday’s sentencing.

He is being detained in Rhode Island.

Most of Randall’s supporters asked that the time served since the re-arrest be viewed as punishment enough.

Federal prosecutors had recommended 15 months in federal prison for Randall, saying that they were pushing for that maximum sentence because there were other crimes they were not pursuing.

“Please allow Todd to come home to his wife, Melissa, and his daughter, Danni Hope, and let him start rebuilding his character to the man that he truly is, kind, respectful, loving and giving,” wrote Rizzo.

Patch – a retired police officer – indicated that a number of things combined to push Randall into drug abuse and – thusly – into bad decisions.

Those things included the death of his father, Lenny (also a former Revere cop), but mostly came from the murder of the late Police Officer Dan Talbot in 2007.

“There were so many conspiracies that were put on the Internet and the local newspapers concerning the shooting of Danny,” wrote Patch. “This made it more difficult for the Revere Police members to grieve. One blogger, Richard Ireton, published on his site…that Todd and several other officers were responsible for shooting Danny. This is the same blogger who has posted many articles on Todd and his family since his arrest. Ireton is the reason Todd is sitting in jail today.”

The most poignant letter, though, was from Randall’s wife, Melissa, who said she would stand by her husband and requested he be let free.

Melissa Randall detailed that her husband has struggled with substance abuse since 2003 while trying to maintain a career as a policeman.

In the fall of 2010, she said he decided to change his life.

“My husband finally realized the need to fully commit himself to becoming sober and voluntarily admitted himself into a residential drug/alcohol and mental health facility for 30 days,” read her letter. “In addition to seeking treatment for alcoholism and substance abuse, Todd was diagnosed with severe PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as a result of his years as a police officer. In December 2010, he finally returned home a completely different person…The attempt to rebuild his life and start fresh was cut short on April 12, 2011 when he was arrested at our home by the FBI for lying.”

Melissa Randall also had some choice words for Ireton as well. She said the September fight in Dunkin’ Donuts was the result of a years-long dispute and one that had recently brought negative statements about their daughter from Ireton.

“It is one thing for Mr. Ireton to find pleasure in slandering, harassing and taunting myself and my husband, but to take aim at an innocent child is loathsome and clearly defines Mr. Ireton’s character and lack of morality,” read the letter.

She concluded by asking that her husband get a second chance.

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