Rizzo Wins Mayoral Race: City Council Has a Younger Look; Three Newcomers Win At-large Seats

Brian Arrigo, Jessica Ann Giannino and Steven Morabito are shown on Tuesday night after they all won at-large seats on the revere City Council.

The Council will have a much younger face in 2012 as three candidates under 35 were swept in during a City Council at-large race that was nip and tuck to the very end.

The fifth seat in the at-large race was determined by a mere 10 votes, with Steven Morabito besting Incumbent Councillor John Correggio. Most postulated that a recount of that race was inevitable and expected.

Tried and true, Councillor Bob Haas topped the ticket in a runaway with 4,481 votes – the only at-large candidate to score 4,000 votes.

Next was Incumbent Councillor Tony Zambuto with 3,843 votes, scoring another term in office.

After that, it was all challengers, and all of those challengers were young faces.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night was Jessica Ann Giannino, who raced onto the Council after having taken out papers at the very last minute in May. After a tough campaign, the Salem State student and teacher-to-be finished fourth in the race with 3,590 votes.

Not to be outdone was Brian Arrigo, who took third place in the voting on his second time running. Arrigo had previously run several years back and then went dormant for some time. Now an employee of the City of Somerville, he came back and nailed down a strong third place finish with 3,612 votes.

Rounding out the pack was Morabito, who finished with 3,468 votes, just ahead of incumbent Correggio – who finished with 3,458 votes.

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