Time to Get Motivated: Remember to Vote

There is the expectation here that about 50% of eligible voters will cast a ballot in less than two weeks for the coming November Election.

This is a percentile far too small to reliably mark the general sentiment of voters when it comes to electing our public officials.

That being said, there is virtually nothing that can be done to increase the volume of voters artificially. After all, you can’t force registered voters to cast a vote any more than you can force an unregistered voter to register and then to vote.

There was a time, and it wasn’t so long ago, when voters came out in much larger numbers than they tend to do today.

Without a presidential election or a governor’s race, the mayor’s race with councilors and school committee peoples’ positions on the line just doesn’t do it to attract a huge vote or even an unusually larger vote.

And that is a shame.

Only with a full flush of voters, and with the thousands who nearly always tend to stay at home rather than coming out and casting a ballot, would there be the kind of true measure that is needed to get a full rendering about how the voters are feeling.

A 50% turnout isn’t so bad compared with lower turnouts, which are noted in most local primaries. Then there is the weather factor. A rainy day and the vote shrinks. A sunny and warm day and the vote expands – though not enough to be meaningful unless the race is very close.

Bottom line, Revere voters need to get out and to vote in larger numbers rather than smaller numbers.

Get out and vote. Think about it now. Do it on November 8.

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