The Mayoral Debate: A Great Showing by the Candidates

The Revere Journal sponsored mayoral debate has come and gone. It is being broadcast on Revere TV. By all accounts, the debate between mayoral hopefuls Dan Rizzo and George Rotondo created a great deal of talk among those supporting both candidates as well as those who do not get involved but who watched the debate on Revere TV.

The debate itself attracted more than 300 men, women and children to the auditorium at the AC Whelan School.

Both Rizzo and Rotondo apprised themselves well. Each answered the questions put to them in such a way to appeal to their voting base as they perceive them.

The X factor is about how they came away with the voting public that watches Revere TV? How did they do with the voters whom they do not meet, whom they do not talk with, whom say nothing until they place and x next to the name of their choice on the ballot on November 8?

That is the question, among others about who will win and who will lose, who is ahead and who is behind?

The Journal’s mayoral debate attracted  a great deal of attention among the voting public at large. It showed voters exactly who the candidates are and how they conduct themselves when challenged intellectually.

In this respect, the one and only debate between the mayoral candidates was a great success.

We thank Dan Rizzo and George Rotondo for participating.

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