President Powers: He is Setting a Great Example

During this session of the city council, Council President John Powers has presided with dignity and intelligence.

No issue is too large or too small to be discussed before Powers in his role as president. Everyone is accorded their moment in front of the microphone in the council chamber.

He does not tend to think of those who come before the council as friends or foes. They are citizens with the right to speak before the council and the right to be heard. For him, treating people fairly is part of his job. This is the way it should be, after all.

He takes the job seriously and can be found at city hall nearly everyday or visiting locations in Ward 5 that require his attention and advocacy.

He has been returned to office six times by the voters in Ward 5. He has served as president twice and vice-president of the council.

President Powers is a first rate councilor and Ward 5 has benefited greatly from his leadership.

He has set a nice example and deserves praise for that.

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