Rep. Reinstein Endorses Rizzo

Representative Kathi Anne Reinstein has endorsed candidate for mayor Dan Rizzo.

Reinstein’s endorsement came during Rizzo’s annual Luau affair held at Casa Lucia before a large crowd two weeks ago.

“I am proud and I am pleased to endorse Dan Rizzo to be the next mayor of Revere,” she said to the throng, estimated at 400 by a wide variety of attendees who were at the event.

Rizzo told the Journal Reinstein’s endorsement meant a lot to him and to many others.

“Getting Kathi’s endorsement is a significant moment in the campaign,” Rizzo said. “Her belief in me and my campaign and her endorsement has energized all of us. We are moving into high gear,” he added.

Reinstein said she would be working for and with Rizzo to get out the vote in November.

“It is important to the future of this city for Dan Rizzo to be elected the next mayor of Revere,” she said.

Reinstein’s endorsement did not come as a surprise.

She has long been a Rizzo supporter.

“I believe in what Dan stands for,” she added.

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