Randall Resigns; Case Still Pending

Revere Police officer Todd Randall is now a former Revere Police officer, resigning from the force last week.

Randall had been on unpaid leave since last fall for a medical issue, but had been arrested and charged by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) last spring for giving a false statement during the course of an investigation.

Since that time, he has remained in limbo and everyone was keen to wait for the conclusion of the federal case.

Mayor Tom Ambrosino said Randall resigned on his own accord.

“It only avoids the potential of us having a hearing once his case is over,” said the mayor. “He is on unpaid leave and the City wasn’t encouraging him to do that. That’s for sure.”

Chief Terence Reardon said he had no comment on the matter at this time, though he did confirm that Randall resigned.

“I’ll save my comments until such time as his case has been adjudicated by the courts,” said Reardon.

The resignation comes with some surprise, as Randall had the ability to remain in limbo with his employment until the end of his case. Were he to be found innocent, he could have returned to work.

Now, obviously, he cannot.

His attorney, Tim Flaherty, did not return an e-mail seeking comment.

Ambrosino added that the resignation would not affect Randall’s status with the state pension system.

“We have nothing to do with that and that will be left up to the state pension system,” he said. “I’m sure the pension system will certainly look to wait and see the resolution of his case.”

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