Feds have 30 Days to Indict Officer Todd Randall

-By Seth Daniel

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The federal government still hasn’t arraigned or indicted Revere Police Officer Todd Randall on charges that he allegedly lied to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) during an investigation into bribery.

During Randall’s first appearance at Federal Court in Boston last Wednesday, U.S. Prosecutor Brian Kelly indicated that they have not indicted Randall on the charges and would have 30 days left to do so.

Meanwhile, Randall and his attorney, Tim Flaherty, agreed to waive their probable cause hearing – a typical hearing that takes place prior to arraignment or indictment and helps the defense to understand what information or evidence the authorities have.

“Waiving the hearing is a matter of convenience for us,” said Flaherty when asked.

However, many have been wondering if Randall is preparing to make a plea deal in the case, which broke suddenly in April. The FBI used an informant to get Randall to allegedly accept a bribe in exchange for fixing cases in Chelsea District Court. Even Federal Court documents recently filed indicate that Randall may be looking to bring the case to a conclusion.

The state of flux in the case certainly lends to such speculation – with many wondering why the feds haven’t taken any action in indicting Randall.

Some say they’re exacting information from him.

Others say he and his legal team are preparing to work out a deal.

Still others think the government’s evidence against Randall might not be as strong as originally touted.

In any case, Flaherty would not confirm whether or not they were discussing a plea deal with the feds.

“It’s too early for all that,” he said. “I really can’t say.”

U.S. Magistrate Judge Jennifer Boal is hearing the case. The court did not set a date for any further action in the case until the government indicts or arraigns Randall.

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