The Mother of all Holiday Brawls

-By Seth Daniel

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One mother-to-be got some coffee and punch on Mother’s Day this year.

And we don’t mean fruit punch, but rather the knuckle sandwich variety.

A minor fender bender at the Dunkin’ Donuts on lower Broadway Sunday afternoon, Mother’s Day, resulted in an all-out brawl between two women. And when the dust had settled, a woman who is eight months pregnant was nursing quite a wound to her face, and one Winthrop woman was facing pretty serious felony charges.

Around 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, Tiffany Cordischi, of 110 Cooledge St., was pulling into the parking lot of the coffee shop with her pregnant friend when another vehicle, driven by Dina Giangrande, of Winthrop, backed up and caused the accident.

The damage was minor, but the melee afterward was major.

Cordischi and Giangrande immediately began screaming at one another as they got out of their vehicles.

That escalated into a physical fight soon after.

They pushed each other.

They punched one another.

Blows were exchanged to the head and face and, finally, both women fell to the ground.

Cordischi seemed to be getting beaten, so her pregnant friend got out of the car to try to break up the fight.

The pregnant woman screamed at Giangrande to get off her friend.

When Giangrande heard the scream, she allegedly turned around and cold-cocked the pregnant woman in the face – causing a laceration.

Giangrande’s boyfriend was eventually able to subdue the two brawling women – who had been rolling all over the Dunkin’s parking lot. Police arrived on the scene and put the fight to an abrupt end.

The pregnant woman was transported via ambulance to the Whidden Hospital for an evaluation.

Giangrande, 39, was arrested and charged with assault and battery on a pregnant person and assault and battery.

Cordischi, 27, was summoned to Chelsea District Court for assault and battery.

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