A Healthy Choice Deleo’s Bill is the Way to G

It was arguably House Speaker Robert DeLeo’s finest hour last week when the House bill giving cities and towns the right to put their municipal employees into health insurance programs that reduces premiums paid for by the cities and towns while at the same time provides those employees who are insured with great health insurance.

As expected, the unions have complained fiercely that their bargaining rights have been usurped by the provisions of DeLeo’s bill. They don’t want anyone to tamper with their health insurance plans, which are more expensive and at this, unsustainable for the cities and towns who are being bankrupted paying them.

Now their insurance plans will have to reflect common sense and sustainability like the insurance plans of those who re not union members.

And this is the way it should be.

We congratulate Speaker DeLeo on a great piece of legislation that will save the Commonwealth from bankruptcy.

This bill was a long time coming.

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