The FBI in Revere – It Remains to be Seen What Visit Really Means

For quite some time – for well over a year – the FBI has been a constant visitor to Revere.

There have been obvious, repeated FBI visits to Revere City Hall and to other locations in the city.

At city hall, the FBI has visited the Building Department on at least a half dozen occasions and to the solicitor’s office as well. It is believed the FBI has visited or retrieved information from other offices at city hall – and has, as well retrieved information from the Building Department and the Solicitor’s office.

The FBI has talked with department heads and employees and during their various visits have asked for certain information which department heads and employees have handed over to the agents.

This is how we assume we know what the FBI is looking into.

Last week, the FBI raided the law office of a local lawyer, John Molloy – taking from his office cartons of information, presumably his private papers. To what end, no one knows and Mr. Molloy wasn’t commenting nor was the FBI.

Two weeks ago, the FBI nabbed a Revere Police officer for apparently fixing a case and accepting a $200 bribe or payment from an FBI informant in Chelsea District Court, an action videotaped and clearly showing the officer accepting the money.

All of this put together reveals a strong FBI interest in the various goings on at Revere City Hall, and quite likely in a variety of offices there and in other parts of the city. It is believed FBI agents attended and observed the auction of vacant land on Revere Beach last week.

Sources we have spoken with indicate that the FBI’s action against a local police officer is the tip of the iceberg for that matter.

Only time will tell.

The FBI does not comment on ongoing investigations.

Whatever they have been doing here is, without a doubt, an ongoing investigation.

Where the investigation or investigations leads the FBI in Revere will remain nebulous until the Federal government convenes a grand jury, subpoenas individuals to appear before that grand jury, and after questioning individuals, issues indictments.

Until that occurs, the FBI visits to Revere are just that, visits.


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