Mckinley School First Grader Honored by Suffolk County DA Daniel F. Conley

Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley presented a special citation to McKinley School first grade student Borias Lake in recognition of a book that the eight-year-old-youth had authored on the topic of bullying.

Lake wrote an eight-page book entitled, “Borias Brainstorms on Bullying” a year ago while he was a student in Ms. Jessica Consoli’s kindergarten class. He was inspired to write the book after listening to speeches at a school forum on bullying and talking with Ms. Consoli about the message of the forum.

Lake read the book to his classmates in Ms. Valerie Kimball’s first grade class and noted its important anti-bullying message before Conley addressed the students and presented the citation.

“The first time I saw Borias and his dad [William Lake] was in Revere when I was talking to parents about the problem of bullying in Massachusetts and Suffolk County,” said Conley. “The message is pretty simple: I was urging parents to tell you that the most important thing that you can do in school is to be nice with each other.”

Conley added that the most important lesson that students can learn in kindergarten and first grade is “treat each other like you want to be treated and then you’ll never be a bully.”

Conley concluded his speech by presenting a “certificate of appreciation” to Borias Lake. The certificate read: “In recognition of his outstanding efforts to prevent bullying an promote respect.”

“Congratulations, Borias,” said Conley, who also presented a $25 Barnes and Noble book store gift certificate to the student.


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