Electronic Games – Isn’t the Lottery Supposed to Be in Charge?

We have watched with awe the proliferation into a wide variety of business locations throughout the city and region of electronic machines that are the rough equivalent of card playing machines or electronic slot machines.

Our fascination here with everything that mimics gambling at a casino leads us to wonder how the state is allowing these electronic gambling machines to be placed in stores with virtually no overview from the State Police or the Lottery Commission.

And we are frankly amazed that the Lottery Commission and the attorney general’s office have not come down on the owners of businesses where these machines are housed.

At the present time, we are told there is nothing illegal about the electronic gambling machines.

This is apparently the case, according to law enforcement officials. Otherwise, they would have been removed some time ago.

That being the case, we are wondering how so many machines at so many locations, generating so much money, seemingly on games of chance, can be allowed to operate when it is the Lottery that is supposed to be in charge of all gambling venues in this state?

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