Meters on the Beach – Cleanliness is Priority Number One

During the past five years Revere Beach has never looked better – and it would look even better if the vast majority of the people who use the beach, who come here by automobile, picked up their trash rather than leaving it on the beach as though the beach was their private dumping ground.

At other beaches where visitors are required to pay for the privilege of using the beach, the beaches remain cleaner and unsoiled by comparison to the general public coming down to Revere Beach to trash the place for the day at no cost.

Revere Beach as the first public beach in this nation was also the dirtiest public beach in this nation for a long, long time.

In recent years, the Department of Conservation and Recreation has performed a virtual miracle on the beach, cleaning it daily of tons of trash and whatever else people leave behind.

We have suggested metering the beach before and we feel comfortable about the beach being metered in the near future.

Metering the beach will change the demographic of those visiting the beach.

People who pay to park will generally show more respect to the beach than those who pay nothing to use it and who trash it thoroughly each time.

The kind of people who come to the beach because nothing has to be paid won’t come back if they have to feed a meter.

Metering the beach will raise badly needed revenues over the course of a decade. Once the cost for the meters is paid back, money placed in the meters will become an unrestricted flow of cash revenue that might potentially be used to offset the cost for the upkeep of the beach and for improvements.

Residents who live on the beach and who do not have private parking should be given a sticker allowing for them to park either at a discount during the day or free altogether overnight.

Metering the beach improves the beach. It makes the beach cleaner.

This is what parking meters could do for Revere Beach.

We support a cleaner Revere Beach.

This is a way to insure that.

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