Brutal Stabbing at the Squire; Matter Forwarded to the License Commission

-By Seth Daniel

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With little more than a week under new ownership, the Squire Lounge was the scene of a brutal knife attack last Friday, and the incident has been forwarded to the License Commission.

Commissioners were very up front with new owner Mark Filtranti – who also owns the Golden Banana in Peabody and Ten’s in Salisbury – that the Squire was not a beloved establishment and if there were any problems, the new owner would be held accountable.

It looks like that conversation will happen sooner than anticipated.

According to a Police Report, last Friday around 1 p.m. the victim – a Stoneham man – and two friends were in the Lounge when an individual they knew entered the establishment.

Another man was with him, a man only described as being of Irish heritage. They were also with a black male that drove a black Mercedes and was popping in and out of the Lounge – perhaps scoping out the victims.

The victims indicated to police that the men appeared “heated” and were ready to fight.

Words were exchanged in the club, and then all parties left for the parking lot.

The other three men met the three victims in the parking lot and a physical altercation ensued. During the scuffle, the man of Irish heritage pulled out a knife and slashed the Stoneham man on the artery of his arm, causing blood to spurt everywhere.

The Stoneham man fled into the Squire Lounge where managers tended to his injury.

A second victim defended himself by hitting the men with a cane he uses to assist in his walking.

Another man fled to the Stop & Shop parking lot and noted the direction of flight of the attackers.

The men in the Mercedes fled across Washington Avenue and towards the strip mall near the St. Mary’s Little League fields.

They were never found.

When police arrived, the Stoneham man was described as having a very serious injury. EMTs had applied a tourniquet to his right arm and he was quickly rushed on Advanced Life Support in Cataldo Ambulance to the Mass General in Boston.

Witnesses and the remaining victims gave statements and police are working the case.

Capt. Michael Murphy told the Journal that a copy of the last Friday’s police report has been forwarded to the License Commission for consideration at their February meeting.

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