Snow Emergency – This is a Winter We won’t soon Forget

The snow emergency facing us is now a constant in our lives.

It has disrupted nearly everything we do and it appears there is no end in sight during a winter that might prove to be the worst of all time when all is said and done.

January was a snow disaster.

February is coming with the look of a snow catastrophe.

The city’s snow budget will be wiped clean after this double storm that has been predicted.

Like every other city and town, Revere will be faced with finding more money to cover the costs for plowing and sanding and for removing the snow.

Removing the snow after these storms will be paramount.

The piled up snow at street corners and on highways is already a public safety hazard.

More and more snow will exacerbate the problem.

Parking is difficult and near to impossible on some streets.

Business is down in local restaurants and retail outlets.

People tend to remain inside during the snowstorms and in their aftermath.

Why fight the poor conditions outside?


Then there is the frigid cold in addition to the snow. Heating costs this winter for most of us will be of historic proportions, with heating oil well over $3.00 a gallon and with gas not much better.

The winter of 2011 got off to an incredible start in December and January.

It is now hitting high gear in the first week of February.

Get your shovels ready, again and be prepared.

The snow is beautiful.

It is everywhere.

How much more of it will there be?

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