Rotondo is off to a Quick Start in the Fundraising Race

By Seth Daniel

[email protected]

An analysis of campaign finance reports for both candidates for mayor shows that, surprisingly, Councillor George Rotondo has more than double the money in his coffers at this point than Councillor Dan Rizzo.

Nevertheless, Rizzo’s report does indicate that last year he raised a significant amount of money, but spent most of it by year’s end.

Rotondo’s report showed that at the end of 2010, heading into the mayoral election, he had a balance of $27,292 in his account. That was bolstered by a $16,000 loan Rotondo injected into his campaign to get started.

By comparison, Rizzo had $10,866 in his account.

The rest of the story on Rizzo was that he raised $28,793 in 2010. He also spent $24,575 during the same period.

Most of those expenditures were for printing of campaign literature by a Woburn company, for consulting/software from Boston company Sage Systems, and for web consulting by Revere’s Sound Vision Studios.

Rizzo is said to be having a fund-raiser soon in which entry is to be $500 a plate. That should change things.

Heading into the beginnings of the mayoral election season, it appears both candidates have the aptitude to raise money and will have adequate resources on hand to run a long and competitive race.

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