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City Council would show good sense in questioning the site of the McKinley School

The city council Monday showed some courage trying to reach a compromise on the citing for the new McKinley School to be built. They agreed to go ahead with the new school and to modify the plans for it and to make it bigger.

This is good government in action.

However, choosing to locate the new school on the landlocked site of the present facility, is to doom it as the present facility is doomed.

Mind you, a brand new $20 million school replacing a school facility that should be condemned is a step in the right direction. But there is a greater measure here to be considered – and that is – children, and there will be 575 in this school – need open space.

Revere is sorely lacking in open space. Parkland is precious and so we understand the problem with site choice.

But special consideration must be given to space existing for the physical education needs of the students as well as their needs for a space outside.

We urge the city council and school committee to look more closely and with greater interest to meeting the open space needs of this planned new facility.

What kind of new school has no playground for kids to play on?

The new McKinley School.

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