Track owes federal government as well as city

Wonderland Greyhound Park’s tax problem encompasses more than just the City of Revere.

In a recent posting in the Boston Business Journal, Wonderland Greyhound Park was given legal notice that it owes the federal government, specifically the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), nearly $123,000.

That puts the City in second position to collect Wonderland’s outstanding property tax bill of more than $200,000.

Wonderland CEO Dick Dalton said that the company is well aware of the IRS tax lien and they are handling it much in the same way that they’re handling the Revere tax situation – by making a payment plan.

“That [lien] will be addressed along with the real estate taxes when the property is sold,” said Dalton. “Actually, we’ve been making payments to them also.”

Dalton said the sale of the property is moving slowly, but they fully expect it to be transacted by the end of the year. Wonderland and Suffolk Downs have said that they are planning to sell the property to a private developer – a developer that is well known in New England and would bring a quality project to the massive property.

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