Church Bingo – There’s sure to be ways to fill the void

It comes to pass that if casino gambling comes to Suffolk Downs, St. Anthony’s Church and other churches that offer bingo, will likely lose important streams of income that keep the churches going.

At St. Anthony’s, for instance, a church bingo raises approximately $200,000 a year to defray the cost of running the church and its many services and programs.

If casino gambling comes, that $200,000 might very well go to the casino and not the church.

If that is the case, we believe local churches who rely on bingo for operating income must be compensated in some way by the state for their losses as part of the casino bill now being advanced at the state house.

We’d hate to think of casino gambling as shuttering some of our local churches.

1 comment for “Church Bingo – There’s sure to be ways to fill the void

  1. bo bo
    September 26, 2010 at 4:29 am

    COMPENSATED? SERIOUSLY? This is truly sad on two levels. One, a catholic and so called religious helping organization will no longer be able to make money off of gambling, my heart bleeds for these helping institutions. And two, Revere’s life blood senior citizens will be left with nothing to do but continue to obstruct any attempts by the town to at least catch up to the 1990’s

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