Dry Legacy – Flooding is still an issue, but the problem is not nearly as bad as it used to be

The heavy, wind driven rain that dumped almost 10 inches of water on us over three days failed to sink Revere.

There was some flooding.

There were some basements that took water.

There were some roads and streets that became almost impassable.

And there was the ocean, wild and surging, with big waves pushed by the fierce wind which caused the sand to blow off Revere Beach and the waves to crash against the seawall in Beachmont.

Nowhere, however, was there the type of severe flooding that used to bring the city and many of its neighborhoods to its knees less than a decade ago.

Less than a decade ago, this city was marked by major flooding every time there was a major downfall of rain.

Not so anymore.

The infrastructure improvements made by Mayor Thomas Ambrosino during the early part of his administration improved the city’s antiquated and useless drainage system as well as improving the sewer system, the locks in Beachmont and in the end – the flooding problems throughout the city have almost become non-existent.

This is an accomplishment of the first order and those of us who can recall the flooding here in the past would all agree – Ambrosino’s infrastructure improvements during the first part of his administration will always stand as one of his lasting accomplishments.

Now if the city can manage to do something about the lack of drainage at McMackin Field, then one of this city’s last and worst flood zones will be eliminated.

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