Another defendant pleas out; complicated and complex trial will begin in three weeks

Two down, two to go.

The girlfriend of alleged triggerman Robert Iacoviello Jr. – who is charged with the murder of off-duty Revere Police Officer Dan Talbot – pleaded guilty to one felony count of being an accessory after the fact of murder just three weeks before trial.

She will not, however, be testifying against her boyfriend in the upcoming January 4 Talbot murder trial.

Gia Nagy, 19, made her plea deal Monday afternoon in Dedham’s Norfolk Superior Court before Judge Patrick Brady. She was sentenced to one to two years in the state prison at Framingham. She has already served 60 days. She could be eligible for parole in 10 months.

“I think it was a fair sentence,” said Nagy’s attorney, Michael Doolin. “I think all parties really worked hard and we came up with a fair disposition. I think the family and Gia are happy with it…Gia has a wonderful family and she’s got some things she’s working through. It presented itself and it was a good resolution for her.”

Before being sentenced, Nagy admitted to having helped dispose of a handgun that prosecutors believe was used to kill Talbot on September 29, 2007. Nagy’s boyfriend, Iacoviello, had allegedly asked for her help after the incident. She and another individual dismantled the weapon, placed the pieces in several rubber gloves and then disposed of the rubber gloves in storm drains around Revere.

“Robert Iacoviello allegedly shot and killed Revere Police Officer Daniel Talbot,” said Assistant District Attorney Ed Zabin to the court. “Robert Iacoviello was in a romantic relationship with Ms. Nagy at the time.”

Zabin said that the handgun pieces had been recovered and matched ballistically to Talbot’s murder.

Court filings in the case, however, indicate that not all of the pieces were found and that some of them were so mutilated that they didn’t produce perfect ballistics evidence.

That evidence will be evaluated during the upcoming trial, when Iacoviello and James Heang will appear before a judge and jury. The trial is expected to last several days and many facts and pieces of evidence are expected to be presented that have been under court-ordered protective seal up to now.

Two months ago, defendant Derek Lodie made a plea agreement for accessory after the fact of manslaughter – a significant reduction from his original charges, which included accessory to murder.

He was sentenced to 8-12 years in state prison, having already served two years without bail. He will be eligible for parole in six years.

Lodie also will not testify in the January 4 case.

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